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The Capital’s Palace of School Students Will Host an Open Day

This Sunday, on September 4, M. Utemissov Palace of School Students will host a real celebration of childhood and the beginning of the school year. All the children and their parents will enjoy different kinds of entertainments offered: from dancing to robotics.

Open Day is traditionally held on the first Sunday of September.

Fun animators of "Lim-po-po" studio will be greeting the guests. The holiday will be adorned by the performances of art groups of the palace, which are well-known not only among the residents of the capital, but also far beyond the borders of our country: "Bayterek", "Jumbo", "Altyn Dan" dance ensembles, "Youth of Astana", "The Starlit Hour", "Guldauren" vocal studios.

A real city of masters will be organized in the area in front of the palace, where everyone will be able to find something for its liking. Spectators will enjoy an exposition of the best works of young artists, masters of carpet weaving, beading, paper arts, as well as works of art of young sculptors. Sports fans and those who are fond of different techniques will be interested in demonstration performances of young karatekas from karate club, chess tournaments of the "White Castle" club and amazing works of robotics.

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